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Starting in Summer we are very excited to be launching a brand new set of On-Line Design Modules. The first being Colour with another set to follow every year. Be the first to hear about the next stages by signing up here

We are delighted to announce that in September 2019, we will be bringing some BRAND NEW programmes to you! We have lots of enquiries regarding our Creative Textiles Programme, which we currently offer at Advanced, so we have decided to launch this at Foundation! Followed by Intermediate next year.

September 2019 will also see the launch of our Fellowship! A three year research programme open to ArtyBird Advanced students or degree students.

The course fees for 2019 are £850 for annual courses, £295 for summer school and £1,000 per annum for the Fellowship. Please contact us on 01524 874890 or email for ways to pay.

Are you, or someone you know, wandering what to do after 6th form, but can't find a textile course to suit you? Take a look at our full time course - 7168 L3 Craft skills for the Creative Industry and have a look at what our students get out of the course. Click here for more information.

Publications from ArtyBird Carnforth:
"Printing on Felt - An Introduction" by Kate Horner. Buy now from our on-line shop!
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7168 Diploma in Craft Skills
A warm welcome to the ArtyBird Website

ArtyBird Creative Studies Programmes, Accredited with City & Guilds

We offer full training, taking you from novice to professional.

Our unique programmes offer training designed to guide you, with the support of a master crafter and fully committed educator.

Our Foundation programme takes someone new to working in the studio environment, delivering the basics of what is needed to safely work as you develop new skills. It runs for one year as you decide if you wish to go further.

Our Intermediate programme runs for two years as you develop your knowledge and skills with tools and materials, giving you confidence in your studio.

Our Advanced programme runs for two further years, turning you into a master crafter in your own right with a unique voice through guidance from your mentor.

Each programme offers design, sampling for design and making projects. Through developing your design knowledge you will be able to find an individual voice as a maker as well as understand these challenges within your craft. The Felt samples folios you create in each programme is where you will explore the challenges of design within the craft as well as experience different materials, tools and techniques. You will make finished items, with appropriate guidance, in each programme, reflecting what you have been studying
Kate Horner, ArtyBird Carnforth
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