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Creative Dyeng and Printing

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Creative Dyeing and Printing

1.Design - Design gives you the building blocks to be able to put ideas down and create original pieces in your craft area. You will establish a foundation in design using the elements of colour, shape, line and texture. We will do this through studying 3 themes across the year.

i. Sunsets – Colour, shape and form
ii. The Weather – Line and drawing
iii. Nature’s Chaos – Texture

2. Dyeing and Printing Samples - You will learn to apply the design concepts to a range of textile decoration techniques; traditional and contemporary including dyeing techniques such as exchange and space dyeing, fabric painting and printing methods such block and screen printing.
You will work a collection of samples as you develop your skills and keep a folder of supporting notes and ideas.

3. Making - You will learn how to follow a design brief to produce craft items that are your own personal response to the programme. There are 2 making projects in Foundation Creative Dyeing and Printing
i. A decorated fabric for a functional item. This will be chosen by you and could be a fashion or soft furnishing accessory such as a bag or a cushion or a simple garment.
ii. A wall hanging

The programme is designed to integrate these 3 aspects seamlessly, through three themed projects, taking a term each.

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