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Foundation Creative Dressmaking

Term 1

Skills for Garment Making and Design - You will learn how to use a sewing machine as you develop your skills in a variety of techniques and processes used for making clothes such as seam types and hems, fastenings including zips and buttonholes, shaping using darts and gathers, pockets and facings. You will learn about choosing and using appropriate fabrics for use in different situations. And you will acquire design skills through a series of exercises, including the creation of mood boards that explore the elements of design such as colour, line, shape and texture that you will utilise in selecting and adapting the garments you make.

Terms 2 & 3

Garment Making - There are 2 making projects during these terms which will enable you to put the skills you have learnt into practice as you pick 2 simple commercial sewing patterns such as a skirt, top or dress to make - you can choose to make the clothes for adults or children.
You will be fully supported in selecting patterns and fabrics for your projects. You will learn how to use patterns and adapt them for a personal fit and you will be shown how to apply design principles as you customise and embellish the clothing that you make. There will be opportunities to personalise these products for example using printing &/or dyeing and machine &/or hand embroidery.

The emphasis of this Foundation Programme is to build on your existing skills and preferences to create unique and individual garments that you can be proud of.
Continuing Creative Dressmaking

Under expert guidance you will continue to develop your dressmaking skills as you bring your unique touch to more advanced sewing patterns.
Foundation Creative Dyeing and Printing

1.Design - Design gives you the building blocks to be able to put ideas down and create original pieces in your craft area. You will establish a foundation in design using the elements of colour, shape, line and texture. We will do this through studying 3 themes across the year.

i. Sunsets – Colour, shape and form
ii. The Weather – Line and drawing
iii. Nature’s Chaos – Texture

2. Dyeing and Printing Samples - You will learn to apply the design concepts to a range of textile decoration techniques; traditional and contemporary including dyeing techniques such as exchange and space dyeing, fabric painting and printing methods such block and screen printing.
You will work a collection of samples as you develop your skills and keep a folder of supporting notes and ideas.

3. Making - You will learn how to follow a design brief to produce craft items that are your own personal response to the programme. There are 2 making projects in Foundation Creative Dyeing and Printing

i. A decorated fabric for a functional item. This will be chosen by you and could be a fashion or soft furnishing accessory such as a bag or a cushion or a simple garment.
ii. A wall hanging

The programme is designed to integrate these 3 aspects seamlessly, through three themed projects, taking a term each.

Intermediate Creative Dyeing & Printing

Design: - You select a theme of your choice and through it conduct an in depth study of the 5 design elements - colour, shape, line, form and texture. As you develop your theme you will become confident in using primary and secondary sources as you produce artwork that explores all the elements. Primary sources are objects or places; secondary sources are photographs. You could choose something like the seashore, a favourite place or walk, or your garden. This should be something you have a passion for, as it will form the basis of 2 years’ work.

Samples: - This is the place for where you will try out ideas in dyeing and printing. The design elements are investigated in an explorative and experimental way and applied through a range of textile decoration techniques such as dyeing with natural and synthetic dyes and through the application of a range of pigments. Skills are developed for lino, screen and batik printing; shibori and silk painting are also included. The work of a range of makers is examined as new approaches as well as traditional techniques are investigated. The issues raised by design are fully resolved so that you are confident to plan and produce work of a professional quality.

Manufacture: - There are 4 projects in which you design and make items to a high standard of finish. These will come out of your design and felt sample explorations. They will be spaced out over the 2 years.
· Create a piece from a personal response to your design theme
· Work 3 experimental pieces and from these develop an item
· Make a piece to a set brief
· Make a response from looking at the work of other makers or group of makers
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