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Foundation Creative Textiles

A one year programme exploring ways of making and decorating fabric backgrounds into which you will embroider using hand and machine stitching. You will go on to print these pieces with natural dyes, then further decoration can take place. You will present your peices as a book or hanging. You will do simple design exercises to help you develop your pieces.
Intermediate Creative Textiles

This 2 year programme continues to develop fabric making, embroidery at different stages of production, and colouration. You will create samples and pieces in response to a guided personal design module. You will explore weaving and felt-making, hand and machine embroidery, print making using synthetic and natural dyes, as well as pigments, and Shibori techniques.
Advanced Creative Textiles

In this two year programme I will share my research that combines stitch and print on your hand-made felt and other fabrics. Acid and natural dyes are explored alongside traditional hand embroidery. Complex hand embroidered pieces are created. The second year is completed with an exploration of Shibori dyeing using a range of fabrics and dyes. Design underpins everything. On-line and attending starting in September.

A 3 year research programme for people who have successfully completed an Advanced programme or degree in textiles. The first year is about investigating and discovering what you wish to research. In the second year you will eplore your proposal and in the final year you will produce work for an exhibition. We are running the programme every three years.

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