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Summer School

Week 1 - July 29 - August 2 Kate Ryan

Introduction to Hand Embroidery

This is a five-day workshop in which you will learn a range of hand stitches.

You will work a series of samplers looking at straight stitches, looped stitches and knots. You wll work a simple canvas design as an example of counted thread work.

Alongside your stitching you will follow a simple design project that will be used to inspire your embroidery. Bring a photograph of a flower to be used as a starting point.

Bring a range of hand embroidery threads in the colours from your photograph. If you have fabrics to use as a background then please bring them, though we have plenty for sale in our college shop. We also stock hand embroidery needles and thimbles if you do not have them. Bring an embroidery hoop so you can compare different methods of working. We have plenty of books for you to look at, but if you have a stitch reference book then please bring it with you.

Week 1 -  July 29 - August 2 Kate Ryan

Introduction to Machine Embroidery

Get to know your machine and the potential within it in this 5-day workshop.

You will explore the simple possibilities of straight and zigzag stitch, playing with colour, thread and materials.

Once the simple options have been explored and your confidence is developed, you will go on to drop the dog feed and be introduced to the joys of free machine embroidery.

As skill develops you will use it in a range of exercises to develop your designs and explore a wide range of materials. Your samples will build into a reference library you will draw on in your future work.

You will need a photograph of a flower with threads and small quantities of fabric in colours from it. Please bring your sewing machine that can drop or cover the dog feed and a darning foot. You will also need a hoop that will work with your machine for free machine embroidery.
Week 1 July 29 - August 2 Kate Horner

Introduction to Wet Felting

In this 5 day summer school you will have a go at 3 different techniques of felt making.
You will spend 2 days creating a felt picture using fibre painting techniques, bring a photograph or design to work from.
For the next 2 days you will learn nuno techniques, dye a length of fabric and felt a scarf.
On the final day we will make a seamless bag around a resist.
All materials and equipment are included.
Week 2 August 5 - 9 - Kate Ryan

Print Tecniques with Natural Dyes

This is a 5 day exploration of creating pattern on fabrics with natural dyes and will cover a range of methods, skills and knowledge such as:
Block printing - investigate the wonderful world of Indian block prints using traditional methods with plants and iron to make repeating patterns
Shibori - discover the ancient Japanese technique that uses folding, clamping, stitching and tying to create resist designs
Eco-printing - explore methods of bundling plant materials into fabric to produce botanical contact prints
Indigo - experience the magical alchemy of the indigo dye vat to colour fabric a hundred shades of blue
Plant dyes - be taught how to use a variety of plants such as madder and weld in dye pots
Mordants and modifiers - learn how to make dyes that are fast and extend the range of colours possible by using mordants and modifiers.
All the materials provided - extra fabric may be purchased from us or brought from your stash.
Bespoke Workshops

Each year we run a summer school offering a range of introductory and specialist workshops. Often our programme is put together from the interest of our students, past and present, as well as from outside organisations that ask us to write one customised for them.

Please get in touch with us if there is a workshop you would like us to run. This may one we have run before or one that is specific to you. You just need a minium of four people and we can offer anything from 1 to 5 days. Ring Alison with your enquiries and we will look at how we can make it happen.

Existing Workshops:
  • Introductions to: Wet Felt Making, Hand Embroidery, Machine Embroidery and Creative Computing.
  • Natural Dyeing
  • Shibori and Indigo Dyeing
  • Using Fibre Reactive Dyes
  • Intermediate Design
  • Intermediate Colour in Design for Textiles
  • Advanced: Printing on Felt
  • Advanced: Stitch and Print for the Adventurous

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