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Kate Horner - View My Gallery

Kate Horner is a practising artist with a B.Sc. (Hons) Textile Design (Woven Structure) and a M.A. in Design Studies (Textiles). Kate has taught in Secondary School and Further Education for many years and is a thoughtful educationalist. Her artwork explores many forms of textiles, centred on felt making. Her sketchbooks are vital to the work she makes and these are extended and explored through the computer. Her themes are about herself and her relationship with people and places. The focuses on her family and friends, and their environmental and peace work. She has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Kate delivers the Feltmaking, Embroidery and Creative Computing courses.
Kate Ryan

Born in Scotland and brought up in Northern Ireland I settled in Haworth, West Yorkshire some time ago. I have a BSc in Home Economics and a PGCE in Textiles and I have worked as a secondary teacher in Halifax for more than 20 years teaching Design & Technology at KS3 as well as running GCSE and A Level courses in Textiles and Fine Art.

I have been steeped in textiles as a maker since childhood, learning knitting from my Granny and dressmaking from my Mum. I was fortunate to study in Oregon for a year and first learnt to felt there from the American felter Pat Spark in 1983. Years later when my enthusiasm for felt was rekindled I was lucky again to find ArtyBird Carnforth and have been attending as a student for the past 4 years. I have completed a Level 3 Certificate before embarking on my own endeavours in the last year through the Advanced Textile Workshop. I enjoy learning new techniques and have been developing my own method of working with mixed textiles media incoporating other crafts such as crochet and embroidery into my felt. I am a keen dyer and its application in various forms also features strongly in what I produce.

In addition to my work in Felt, I am studying for an A level in Photogrpahy and help run a life drawing group in Haworth.

I am a strong believer that there is creativity there to be developed in everyone and I look forward to working with you, sharing my passion for art and all things textile.
Angie Burt 

is an accomplished embroiderer. She is passionate about traditional techniques and excited by modern developments. Her background is Fashion and she used to own her own Boutique. Now she lives and breathes embroidery, studying for her Advanced Diploma. She enjoys designing her work and is studying Creative Computing to develop these skills. She is inspired by nature and the patterns created on animals and plants. Angie is becoming a popular tutor in our area and we are delighted to have her join our team.
Maggy Lightfoot - View My Gallery

Maggy Lightfoot runs a company importing wool fibre from Norway. She has sucessfully completed her Level 2, Level 3 Certificate and Diploma in feltmaking. She internally verifies courses in feltmaking for ArtyBird and is now part of the teaching team.
Gary Lightfoot

Gary is co-director of Norwegian Wool with Maggy. Following a career in engineering, sales and marketing, Gary is a business consultant and provides some business skills support and event admin. He also has some minor artistic skills having done a course in Creative Imaging with ArtyBird, so does not feel totally overwhelmed when mixing with proper arty types like Kate, Kate and Maggy.
Alison Seddon

I am an ex pat Geordie and have been living in Carnforth since 2005. I was delighted to be asked to join ArtyBird to provide office based support for a local, growing business.  
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