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Foundation Rigid Heddle Weaving

You will explore your loom to develop an understanding of colour, texture, shape and line in fabric. Simple design exercises will support your developing knowledge, as well as generate ideas for your craft. You will make functional item and an art piece. These will develop from the design exercises and your samples.

Foundation Tapestry Weaving

Tapestry is a woven picture. The warp is covered by the weft, which creates a picture. Your loom or frame holds the warp under tension whilst you weave in sections to build up areas. You will learn techniques for building up your tapestry alongside design theory. You will create ideas on paper and learn to interpret them in you craft. From your designs and samples you will make a picture and a small functional item.

This is a two-year in depth programme where you will revisit techniques introduced earlier and discover new ones. You can work on a rigid heddle loom using two rigid heddles, a 4-shaft loom or a tapestry frame. You will specialise in one area that you should have studied at Foundation and be familiar with. You will continue to develop your design skills and ideas for your weaving. There are four making projects where you will create items that are individual to you. We will guide you at every stage to help you reach a high level in your craft. Dyeing techniques are included within the programme.

This is a non-accredited programme for those who are accomplished weavers on a rigid heddle loom or a shaft loom. You will explore double cloth by creating a sampler. You will use these techniques to weave an item.
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